4l60e Transmission Problems When Hot

I just finished rebuilding the 4L60E in my neighbor's `03 Avalanche Z71. The problem I am having is that it slips in reverse but only when it is .
Car: 05 Monte Carlo v6 3.4l 198000 miles Trans:4t65e Auto Issue: Car was running great Until 1 day i was driving home car would not drive from stop light it...
A cheap and easy fix if your 4L60E automatic trans is shifting hard or shifting late. Most common is a hard.
My 2006 z71 was in limp home mode. changed 1 fuse fixed all the problems.
I put this valve body on my 96 Tahoe because it would not start n 1st. gear. This 99 vb would start n 1st but.
Get it here: http://amzn.to/1dAaaiV – Lucas Transmission Fix Stops Slip Review – This Stuff Really Works! Also.
I have a 2010 impala that shifts fine in every gear when you crank it but if you have to stop then go again it won't shift at all. No burnt smell from .